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Converting to natural gas has never been easier—or more affordable

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Make the switch and save.

Natural gas is a safe, economical, efficient, clean and reliable fuel source—and because it’s an abundant, domestically produced resource, natural gas helps increase our energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil supplies. Take advantage of natural gas and start saving through National Fuel’s Natural Gas Conversion Rebate Program.

Cash rebates are available to help you save hundreds on the conversion.*

Appliance Required Minimum Efficiency Rebate Amount
Space Heating
Hot Air Furnace 95% AFUE** $1,500
Hot Air Furnace w/ ECM*** 95% AFUE $1,500
Hot Water Boiler 90% AFUE $1,500
Steam Boiler 82% AFUE $1,500
Furnace Orifice or Burner Replacement - $250
Boiler Orifice or Burner Replacement - $250
Water Heating
Storage Tank Water Heater (55 gallons or less) 0.64 UEF or 0.67 EF $1,200
Storage Tank Water Heater (55 gallons or less) 0.80 UEF $1,500
Storage Tank Water Heater (More than 55 gallons) 0.78 UEF or 0.77 EF $1,200
Tankless Water Heater 0.87 UEF or 0.90 EF $1,500
Water Heater Orifice or Burner Replacement - $250

*Installed between January 1 and December 31, 2020.

**Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

***Electronically Commutated Motor

Uniform Energy Factor

Energy Factor

Annual Fuel Costs

Based on Estimated Usage

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Existing Customers

If you’re already using natural gas for appliances such as a cooking range or clothes dryer but don’t use natural gas to heat your home or heat your water, converting your heating systems to natural gas is quick and easy.

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New Customers

If you aren’t currently using natural gas in your home, get connected and save. National Fuel might already be in your neighborhood or coming soon!

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Low-Income Program

If you meet certain eligibility criteria, National Fuel may be able to provide grant funding to help cover the cost of converting your heating systems to natural gas.

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Download our PDF for more information on the Natural Gas Conversion Rebate Program (January 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020)