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You’re already a customer, so switching your appliances to natural gas is easy!

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Simply follow these steps:


Find and hire an HVAC contractor.

In order to qualify for our gas conversion rebate program, appliances must be installed by a licensed contractor.


Convert or replace.

Convert your existing appliance to natural gas or replace it with new natural gas equipment.


Get your conversion rebate.

Download the 2020 application and submit your rebate forms.


Apply online here.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to buy a new furnace or boiler?
Many propane furnaces, boilers and other appliances can be converted to natural gas by simply changing the burner orifice. Oil appliances cannot be converted, and must be replaced with new gas appliances. Consult with a licensed contractor to see if your equipment can be converted to natural gas.
Do I qualify for a rebate if I modify my existing heating equipment to use natural gas?
As of 01/01/2020, orifice and burner replacement rebates will be available to homeowners converting their heating or water heating equipment to natural gas from an alternative fuel source. Orifice and burner replacements that have taken place prior to 01/01/2020 are not eligible for the rebate.
Will converting to natural gas still save me money after the costs I will incur to make the switch?
In many cases, natural gas will generate net savings in a short period of time. Check out our conversion calculator to help you calculate your savings and payback period.
Will I need new pipes inside my house?
All inside house piping is the responsibility of the customer. Existing propane gas piping may be able to be used for natural gas appliances. Oil appliances will require new gas piping. We recommend that you consult with a licensed plumber or heating contractor. Please note: National Fuel does not light new appliances.
How do I get rid of my propane/oil tanks?
We recommend that you talk with your propane or fuel oil provider, or HVAC contractor, to determine the best method for removal.
Do I have to wait for warmer weather, or do conversions happen all year?
Conversion can be done at any time, weather permitting, but may be easier during non-winter months.

Ready to switch?

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